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Market analysis of the pole lamp: 5 major advantages of the

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    If LED is the seabed deposits, then the non polar light is the open gold mine." This is the industry to the evaluation of the lights. Is known as the "open pit mine", because of the huge market capacity of the pole lamp, the input and output ratio of large enterprises, but also enterprises in this field bigger and stronger opportunities for many. However, the market is still in the initial stage of development, there are many advantages, but also face some problems, only to see the advantages, to overcome the problem, in order to go to the popularity, development and growth.

    Product gold: long life

    "The pole lamp can be said to be the most long-lived light source products." Mr. Qin said the industry, even if it can not be advertised for 100 thousand hours, can provide five years of quality assurance, which is a lot of other light sources can not be compared to the."

    There is no doubt that the pole lamp up to 100 thousand hours of extraordinary life, so that it is not convenient to replace the lamps, the late maintenance of more difficult places to use more superior.

    And the light source products comparison, only is the life of products, electrodeless lamp is enough to let the other light source products hard to hold a candle. From this point, the pole lamp is clearly a category of product gold.

    Gold: slow light technology

    Had lighting technology industry have the lamp lumen tested. The results showed that no pole lamp at 2000 hours and still maintain a 95% of the flux, and only 5% of the lumen; 20000 hours is 16% of the fluorescence decay; 50000 hours is 27% of the fluorescence decay; 100000 hours is 37% of light attenuation. This shows that, at the 20000 hour, the other light source products has come to an end, and the electrodeless lamp still bright as ever. Thus, the speed of light electrodeless lamp very slowly.

    Price gold: the overall cost of high

    Perhaps some people say that the most people criticized the endless lights, is expensive, but also how to say that the price is not the price of a gold mine? Yes, simply from the product price, the price is too high. However, if measured from the cost of products, there is no doubt quite advantage. Because of the advantage of the pole lamp on the illumination, the 200W's limitless lamp illumination is equivalent to the 400W's golden halogen lamp.

    Market gold: blank market potential

    "At present, the production of low frequency electrodeless lamp enterprises, the real investment billion yuan, product quality (through 3C, EMC, CE, UL) from 2007 second half of the year rises by the market widely recognized, from the lamp tube, a ballast to the lamp can own production (real technical experts in R & D team), size (with an annual output of more than 20 million units), domestic and international marketing network, only a handful, they are Shanghai Hongyuan, Fujian light source, Jiangsu Zhengxin etc.. The quantity is so small, the competition is not natural. Due to the domestic demand for high quality light source is very large, so the lights are in a market gap period, great potential." Jiangsu Zhengxin group general manager Wang Yingchun said.

    Coincidentally, the general manager of Shenzhen gelinlai Chen Jiayu also think, no electrodeless lamp is in a period of rapid development, has a broad space for development and market. This is the experience of their many years of market experience, but also to say that the current market conditions.

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