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Analysis of manufacturing process of pole lamp

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    Electrodeless lamp, lamp tube without traditional filament and the electrode, application specific integrated circuit high frequency ballast and emit radio frequency energy, through measures of electromagnetic induction, the wound with a coil magnetic rings are sleeved in tube will be the high frequency wave energy coupling in charge there are mixed with inert gas and special amalgam of discharge tube, due to the high frequency to achieve the experimental results showed that, the electron motion inside the tube the amalgam molecular ionization and excitation, generated 253.7nm UV photon, the photon blow to coated with rare earth phosphor glass wall on, resulting in visible light.

    The traditional filament and electric light source in the process of ignition, the electron emission material from the electrode to splash out, the starting process is particularly intense. The luminous flux emitted gradually decreased. Quick decrease of the first 100 hours of luminous flux, when the electrode of the electron emission material depletion, or electrode remaining coating can not continue to emit electrons lights to flash point.

    Traditional light source at the start, the electron emission material loss is very large, so the more frequent, the shorter the life. When the power supply voltage is raised, the current of the lamp is increased, the heat of the electrode is accelerated, and the evaporation of the electron emission material is accelerated, and the service life is shortened. Lower supply voltage, reduce the current, electrode temperature is insufficient, difficult to start, promote electron emission material sputtering to decay to improve, life will be shortened.

    Attenuation mechanism of electrodeless lamp:

    The electrodeless lamp, if using the traditional organic coating liquid powder, the main reason is the failure of pre forming glass tube after powder powder layer of nitrocellulose binder in the baking tube stage can not be completely baked, which will lead to the formation of carbon and oxide at the inner surface of the phosphor layer on the black light absorbing film. The powder layer color (black); the second reason is the attenuation of sodium containing higher amount of China's production of the glass tube, and the light induced degradation. In the lifetime of the lamp in the Mercury will penetrate into the glass, and the glass of sodium diffusion into the powder layer, and compounds formed after the black Na Gongqi so, the phosphor particles pollution; the third reason is that the quality of fluorescent powder itself is not high, the surface impurity phase, easy adsorption of mercury and mercuric oxide.

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