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How far is the spring of the pole lamp?

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    No pole lamp in overseas

    Foreign manufacturers to produce high frequency non - pole lamp PHILPS, GE and so on, the production of low frequency and non - polar lights OSRAM and so on. No pole lamp in the huge world lighting market share is still very small, but this situation will not last too long. Now some countries have legislation to ban incandescent lamp this one out of the light, energy saving and environmental protection of the long life of the endless light is bound to have a broader market.

    Pole lamp in China

    Electrodeless lamp is a new generation of green energy-saving light source, because it is a new product, no pole lamp market penetration rate is not very high, but with the "ever-changing" to describe is very light now development momentum a little too much. The enterprise can be divided into the production of the 2.65MHz high-frequency pole lamp and the production of 250KHz low frequency and low frequency two series. Grinle is a former Department, representatives of a series of Shanghai Hongyuan enterprises etc..

    Grinle is one of the earliest companies in the domestic pole lights project, but also the first to the market, the first to get the CE certification of enterprises, with two national patents. In the country temporarily no pole lamp industry standard, has taken the lead in formulating their own enterprise standards "electrodeless lamp production enterprise standard". "Conscientiously produce real green energy saving and long life".

    "Perfect" health lamp

    As the generation of electric light source, high frequency and high frequency lamp has been recognized by more and more people, and has been applied in many fields. Its main features are as follows:

    1) life skills. General incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy saving lamp, and other gas discharge lamps have a filament or electrode, and the sputtering effect of the filament or electrode is precisely the inevitable component of the service life of the lamp. The high frequency electrode free lamp has no electrodes, which is combined with the principle of electromagnetic induction and the principle of fluorescent discharge, so it does not have the necessary components of the limited life. Life depends only on the quality of electronic components, circuit design and foam manufacturing process, the general service life of up to 100 thousand ~ 50 thousand hours;

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