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Kaysen optoelectronics: innovative achievements industry ben(3)

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    Kaisen photoelectricity company will be bidirectional memory type regulating light technology and human body induction technology organic combination, the newly developed out of a section through an infrared human body induction, sections of tense power regulator. The successful development of the product, so that the road lighting can be based on the size of the power of a person or unmanned automatic control of lighting, truly achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction. In addition, the company's original intelligent dimming electronic ballast, power supply short circuit protection technology, greatly improving the reliability and durability of the product, reducing the cost of customer maintenance.

    "Currently, the company independent research and development of low frequency of electrodeless lamp lighting system, with foam production process of R & D and production, electronic rectifier technology R & D and production, as well as the fixture supporting R & D and production, a complete industrial chain can effectively control the cost and performance of the electrodeless lamp. Now, the company's production of the pole lamp has entered Shandong, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Yunnan and other areas of the factory and urban lighting renovation project." Xu Yaoping, is now the company's orders to pour: Jiangsu Shagang Group, 40W cast light 5400 sets, 200 sets of 150W streetlight; Qinhuangdao Boca hub Equipment Co., Ltd. 200W industrial and mining lamp 650 sets; Sichuan Bada tunnel 100W and 150W streetlight 450 units, sunshine road 2000 sets, Dongying road 1000 sets of transformation of road lighting; Shanghai Volkswagen 250W industrial and mining lamp 350 sets, and so on. Company production of industrial and mining lamp series, lamp light source series, street lamp series, tunnel lamp series, investment light series, oil station lamp series, ceiling lamps series, explosion-proof lamp series, courtyard lamp series and integration of series a total of 10 series, 87 kinds of products, can meet the needs of different users.

    It is worth mentioning is that Kaisen photoelectricity's "Kaisen" low frequency no pole lamp series, has gradually become the leading brand in the pole lamp enterprises, business throughout the world more than 20 countries. User coverage of the use of large stadiums, government agencies, municipal roads, large factories, office shopping malls, such as more than 20 areas.

    New year brings new opportunities. Xu Yaoping introduction, at present, China's pole lamp promotion ratio of 3%, is expected to reach 10% in the industry in 2015, the total investment reached 5 billion 500 million yuan. Looking to the future, Kaisen photoelectricity firm confidence, in the next three years with industry leading attitude, for China's energy saving and emission reduction career to make contribution, for global customers to provide the most economical and efficient lighting solutions.

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