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Kaysen optoelectronics: innovative achievements industry ben(2)

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    Electrodeless lamp with conventional gas discharge lamps compared to 70% energy saving; because the electrodeless fluorescent lamp without electrode, depending on the basic principle of inductance and gas discharge light for 100000 hours, its service life is 100 times of incandescent lamp, 5 - 10 times more than conventional gas discharge lamps, compact fluorescent lamps 5 10 times; in some cases free maintenance is especially suitable for high altitude and busy areas, such as workshops, roads, tunnels, high area, it has wide working voltage; instant start, no flicker and glare, can maximize the protection of eyesight, close to natural light, the staff working in this environment is very comfortable, no fatigue sense, can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce the probability of making mistakes; no liquid mercury emissions, reduce waste disposal costs, protect the environment.

    In 2005, China's success has broken through the bottleneck of the production cost and quality of the pole lamp, breaking the monopoly of the technology of the product abroad, so that the price of the pole lamp is greatly reduced. At present, China's non polar light production has accounted for 90% of the world's total production share. Xu Yaoping told reporters that in order to calculate the comprehensive saving 25%, at least a year will saving 814 million degrees, which is to the Three Gorges power station built, the annual power generation of total 96 per cent of 847 million degrees. Inductive coupling non fluorescent lamp with LED light source as the same as the fourth generation light source, but the core technology of the fluorescent lamp is in the hands of the people, in large power applications, the cost is also more than LED light source has a prominent advantage.

    Xu Yaoping is introduced in this paper. In order to enter the electrodeless lamp the high-tech industry, Changzhou Kaisen photoelectricity Co., Ltd. has invested R & D costs nearly 1000 million yuan, United Hohai University Changzhou Campus Center for experimental physics, Beijing Institute of University of technology jointly developed and Kaisen company according to the characteristics of electrodeless lamp, products are divided into multiple independent projects one by one to tackle the problems. To solve the problems of low frequency and high frequency, such as lightning protection, protection of power grid voltage fluctuation and high voltage output protection.

    At present, Kaisen photoelectricity a number of technology in the industry in the leading position, product in the industry has established its own brand advantage.

    Traditional inductively coupled electrodeless fluorescent lamp in the production only in the lamp tube wall coated with a layer of liquid fluorescent powder, production technology that produced fluorescent lamp light efficiency is not high, after hundreds of hours of use began to appear glass yellow, fluorescent powder to premature aging phenomenon and reduce the light use efficiency and service life.

    Kaisen photoelectricity independent research and development of nano coating technology instead of traditional fluorescent powder coating method, greatly improve the based on induction coupling no electrodeless fluorescent lamp luminous efficiency, using nano alumina and titania do as the insulation layer, the fluorescent powder luminous efficiency is improved and in achieving equivalent light illumination effect with the traditional fluorescent lamps compared with 40% - 50% of the energy-saving effect. At the same time, the nano coating can protect the glass tube to reduce the radiation of the ultraviolet ray, prevent the precipitation of the impurity metal in the glass, reduce the aging of the fluorescent powder, and prolong the service life of the light source. Company adopts nano coating technology in the production of inductively coupled electrodeless fluorescent lamp, completely solve the existing in the traditional production technology of fluorescent lamp light efficiency is low and the decay of the two fundamental problems, "Kaisen" brand products, warranty period of up to 6 years, attenuation of six years less than 15%.

    The company's independent development of a two-way adjustable memory without a very light, so that no lights to intelligent, convenient, things become a reality. At the same time, it is the first in the world to apply the bidirectional adjustable light technology to the pole lamp. The novel low frequency stepless light regulating lamp can be adjusted freely in the range of 500W - 60W, and can be started at any power in the range, so as to realize the energy saving effect. When the shutdown restart after power supply, power electrodeless lamp is turned off before the power of memory. This technology breaks through the traditional light control technology of the light lamp, which can be adjusted in the adjustable range of the traditional light control technology.

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