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Corporate culture

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Business purposes: "the pursuit of quality, the pursuit of innovation, interpretation of services, interpretation of the business"

Enterprise spirit: innovation, cooperation, hard work, sharing

Business objectives: to create a harmonious and beautiful society; the achievement of energy saving and environmental protection; to establish a good reputation; to create a new brand of science and technology

Product research and development design concept: the use of innovative returns to the market; the use of technology and services to the public; the use of human nature to beautify life

"Six" content kesson:

1 common mission - to create energy-saving and efficient brand, to create a low carbon green light source

2 development strategy: innovation, energy efficiency, attention to ecological, social enterprises and win-win

3 business concept: the market as the guide and the innovation as the fundamental, customer as the standard, the quality is the foundation

4 team building -- with virtue as the first, is to communicate the source, to motivate, to trust the

5, responsible for the efficient and transparent management system -- for lean, bold

6 people -- mechanism according to the ability of posts, distribution according to ability, according to ability development

To create a harmonious and beautiful society; to achieve energy saving and environmental protection Pursuit of quality, pursuit of innovation Interpretation services, interpretation of business Civilized production, safe production
Full participation Make concerted efforts Happiness within Award winning

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