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The concept of the pole lamp and its comparison with LED

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    The concept of the pole lamp and its comparison with LED

    Now the technology is relatively mature, personal feeling it is not the advantage of LED. The following is a collection of information from the Internet, please look at, and then talk about the LED and the people who have more advantage into the new generation of lighting lamps.

    Pole lamp:

    Promise light high frequency plasma discharge no pole lamp, referred to as electrodeless lamp HFED, is a comprehensive applied optics, power electronics, plasma, magnetic materials and other areas of the latest achievements in science and technology developed high-tech products. Is a representative of lighting technology of high light efficiency, long life, a new light source, the future development direction of high color. It will become the most promising green energy saving lighting source in twenty-first Century. High frequency non - pole lamp is the non - pole lamp is the comprehensive application of power electronics, plasma science, magnetic materials, such as the latest research and development of the latest scientific and technological achievements in the development of high-tech products.


    High frequency non - pole lamp is composed of three parts: a high frequency generator, a coupler and a light bulb. The electromagnetic field of the high frequency generator is coupled to the lamp through the electromagnetic field of the high frequency generator, so that the gas inside the bulb is ionized to form a plasma. When the excited atoms return to the ground state, the plasma is radiated by ultraviolet radiation. The fluorescent powder on the inner wall of the bulb is excited by ultraviolet light to produce visible light. A new type of light source combined with two principles of gas discharge and high frequency electromagnetic induction is adopted, which has the advantages of Gao Faguang rate, high color rendering, no frequency flash and low energy consumption.

    Pole lamp - product features

    Long life (more than or equal to 6 million hours), high color color is more than or equal to 80, high photosynthetic efficiency (series of luminous efficiency is more than or equal to 65LM/W) and really green, no very lighting body free of liquid mercury, no stroboscopic low glare (operating frequency 2.65MHZ)

    1, no filament inside the bulb, no electrode, the product service life of 60000 hours or more. 2, high luminous efficiency, more than high pressure sodium lamp, high pressure mercury lamp energy saving 50%. 3, the color index is more than 80, with high quality three color phosphor, color distortion. 4, wide voltage work, the voltage in the 185V-255V can work normally. 5, the frequency of 2.65MHz, no stroboscopic effect. 6, a small decline, 20000 hours after the luminous maintenance rate up to 80%. 7, the instantaneous start time is less than 0.5 seconds. 8, start the temperature is low, adapt to the temperature range, minus 40 degrees, can normally start and work. 9, the power factor can be as high as 0.95. 10, safety and reliability, green and environmental protection, is to achieve maintenance free, free replacement.

    The pole lamp has the following characteristics

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